Stitch Recruitment Services Launches $8.75M to Simplify Human Resources for Independent Medical Practices

What you need to know:

– Stitch Employment Services Inc., a workforce solution designed specifically for independent medical practices, announced its official launch today. Founded in Redesign Health, Stitch offers a full suite of services to streamline core HR functions, allowing practices to focus on attracting and retaining top talent.

– By reducing administrative burdens and streamlining complex HR processes, Stitch empowers independent medical practices to thrive. With $8.75 million in seed funding, Stitch is poised to become a leader in simplifying HR for independent practices nationwide.

Addressing the Challenges Facing Independent Practices

Independent medical practices face a host of challenges in today’s healthcare landscape. Declining reimbursements and severe staff shortages create a significant burden. Small and medium-sized practices struggle with securing qualified employees, managing training and certifications, and offering competitive benefits. As these practices strive to maintain independence, the administrative tasks of HR management, benefits administration and compliance become increasingly complex.

Stitch: A tailored solution for independent practices

Stitch enters the market with a strong foundation, securing partnerships with key players including:

  • Physicians and Independent Providers of Illinois, Inc. (IPPI), a network of over 120 independent practices with over 1,000 employees. Stitch serves as the exclusive employee benefits provider for IPPI.
  • Dermatology Specialists of Illinois, an independent practice based in Chicago with 43 staff members.
  • Regency Palms Oxnard, a senior living community with over 50 employees.

By joining Stitch, independent practices can:

  • Reducing the administrative burden: Focus on patient care while Stitch handles HR tasks, minimizing overhead costs.
  • Improve employee well-being: Stitch offers a comprehensive benefits package, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Empowering care teams: Reduced burden on human resources allows teams to deliver high quality care more effectively.

Tailored Stitch Services

Stitch uses a co-working model to bring employees together, providing access to specialized HR resources at an affordable cost. Their services include:

  • HR, Payroll and Workers’ Compensation: Simple human resources management, payroll processing and workers compensation administration.
  • Benefits: Best-in-class benefits packages, including health, dental and vision coverage, with Stitch treatment enrollment and ongoing administration.
  • Employment: Expertise in healthcare job roles, practices assist with the entire hiring process, from job descriptions to competitive salary recommendations. Their approach significantly improves talent acquisition and retention by 10-14%.
  • boarding: Specialized access resources tailored to healthcare, covering topics such as HIPAA, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and OSHA compliance.
  • Training and Compliance: Proactive guidance on healthcare regulations, ensuring compliance with continuing education requirements and robust policy enforcement.
  • Personalized growth support: Joint development of solutions to address each practice’s unique needs, growth plans and staff capacity. This includes identifying cost saving strategies and supporting business growth.

We founded Stitch not only to support their workforce management practices, but also to support them in fostering an adaptable and thriving work environment, said Rajesh Voddiraju, Founder and CEO of Stitch. Independent medical practices, which are vital to our health care system, must navigate broad complex and changing human resource challenges. Our mission is to strengthen and empower the teams within them to deliver the best care to their communities.

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