Young people warned against depending on one skill for a lifelong career

Digital training firm Ajira has urged young people not to rely solely on a specific skill acquired from school for the rest of their career life.

Speaking on the sidelines of the East Africa 2023 Employability summit in Nairobi, Ajira Digital’s training and labor resources manager Simon Murimi said the current job market is looking for multi-skilled problem solvers.

The current job market requires one to have at least one different skill in addition to basic school training. That is why we as Ajira develop free training programs with possible job links to promote employment among the youth, who make up the largest part of the country’s population, but also the most affected by unemployment, said Murimi.

Data from the Youth Congress shows that out of every 10 unemployed Kenyans, seven are young people aged 35 and above.

Ajira therefore calls on young people in and out of school to undertake additional skills upgrading programs to gain an edge in the job market.

Training programs offered by Ajira, for example, are free for a period of less than two days, with a minimum requirement of only a national ID.

We are available for physical and virtual training within institutions, libraries and universities. We are also available outside the school system, in organizations, in digital centers and through our local administration, said Murimi.

“We have recently established, in line with the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKEs) latest skills needs report, that skills mismatch, lack of soft skills and lack of self-motivation among the youth, are among the reasons that make most of the youth unemployed.”

He added that the lack of connection between training and the job industry is also another major concern for the youth in the country today.

Summit delegates noted that among the discussions outside the summit, was to come up with a coordinated regional policy on dual training.

This will require combining theory and practice, so that as a student or as an apprentice, you are able to be in school for a few months and be within an industry within your line of training for a few months.

Murimi also emphasized the need for young people to stay updated with the evolving digital landscape, especially AI, saying it is definitely here to stay, revolutionizing industries and everyday life.

Its widespread applications, from healthcare to finance, underscore its transformative potential, according to the firm.

As AI continues to advance, it promises to increase efficiency, automate tasks, and contribute to positive societal change. It is important for everyone to keep abreast of artificial intelligence and other related trends through upskilling, reskilling and different skills to keep up with the change and potential opportunities, he added.

It is also important to engage young people in ethical discussions to ensure responsible and beneficial use of AI.

The firm said on its operations in the country that it is looking to open up more opportunities for Persons with Disabilities and women, with a target of achieving a minimum of five percent of trainees to be PWDs and 70 percent of participants to be women. .

It also recently launched the refugee community program, focusing on the ASAL region and people who are in the refugee community in an effort to push its inclusion agenda.

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